6 Christmas Specials by Airlines around the World

One of the aeronautical highlights of this year's festive season. Source:  Airbus  

One of the aeronautical highlights of this year's festive season. Source: Airbus 

As if it was not enough to carry millions of people back to their homes for Christmas, some airlines go the extra mile when it comes to spreading the festive vibe.

This year, and for obvious reasons, we won't have Air Berlin's Christmas livery, neither Iberia's. But a few airlines have produced their own Christmas videos. 

First there's the Mirry Christmus video, produced by Air New Zealand, that we reported about already a few days ago.

WestJet, of Canada (a regular in this festive section), came up also with a nice Christmas video, the "WestJet Christmas Miracle: 12 Flights of Christmas", where children take the central stage.

Alaska Airlines launched #UglySweaterDay, offering early boarding to those passengers brave enough to go through TSA controls with their ugliest Christmas-themed sweater.

Although, not an airline, Airbus earned itself worldwide attention earlier in December when one of its A380 jets used a routine test flight to draw a giant Christmas tree in the sky, one that covered most of Germany. 

December may be at the peak of the summer in Australia, but this does not necessarily get in the way of when it comes to celebrating it the traditional way, that is by singing Christmas carols, as Virgin Australia staff member Bethany Stagg did recently at Melbourne Airport.

Christmas is already past, of course, but New Year is already around the corner and, if you wish to enjoy it in an aeronautical way, nothing better than heading to Vienna for one of Austrian Airlines panoramic New Year flights over Vienna. As it did last year, Austrian has assigned a pair of Embraer E-195 to the task. Tickets can be purchased here.

Happy New Year to everyone!