Argentinian LCC flybondi gets its first aircraft

flybondi boeing 737-800.png

One of the most exciting markets in commercial aviation right now is Argentina.

We have written about it earlier this year: political and regulatory changes have facilitated a proper rush to get a piece of one what is one of the last few large markets that is still relatively untapped by low cost airlines.

New entrants range from Norwegian, that will try to replicate the model it has successfully applied in Europe, to the subsidiaries of the major Latin American groups and independent low cost airline startups such as flybondi, founded by a group of experienced Swiss aviation executives.

In theory, Argentina should make for a great low cost airline market: long distances, limited road and rail infrastructure and a sizable population.

Yet, many attempts by aviation entrepreneurs to crack the Argentinian market have been fruitless. Will it be different this time?

flybondi, the self-styled first proper LCC in Argentina, will have a go at it with a fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

The first of them, called "Nelson", just arrived to base. The traditional water-cannon salute could not be absent.

Exciting times ahead for a country all aviation industry watchers should keep an eye on this coming year!