Swiss Private Jet Pilatus PC-24 (almost) Ready


Exciting news coming out of Switzerland!

The PC-24, the first jet aircraft produced by Swiss manufacturer Pilatus, has just received its EASA and FAA certifications.

This was pretty much the last milestone left to Pilatus before being able to fulfill its promise of delivering the first aircraft before the end of 2017, to American fractional jet ownership operator PlaneSense®.

The Swiss manufacturer is leveraging the success it has achieved carving for itself a valuable market niche for its PC-12 turboprop to branch out into jets. A significant qualitative step forward.

As a newcomer to the executive aviation scene, the PC-24 presents some interesting characteristics, the most touted of them being possibly the short take-off and landing capabilities as well as the ability to land on unpaved or grass runways (unusual for jet aircraft). This is why it is marketed as the "Super Versatile Jet" (SJV)

Up to 23 deliveries are planned for the next year from its factory in Stans, in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden (a location as beautiful as it gets when it comes to an aircraft factory!) .

It will be interesting to see it from up close!