JetLovers helps you keep track of your flight history the easy way


If you are reading this blog, you are likely to be either a frequent flier or someone with an interest in aviation, or, most likely, both. So you might already be familiar with some online tools and apps that help you track your flight history (see for example "A list of really cool sites for frequent fliers").

JetLovers helps you do just that, but with a twist: you don't need to input the information directly, you just need to check-in at an airport using Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter and these social networks geo-localization features help Jetlovers do the rest: it automatically calculates flight statistics and builds fancy flight map.

In the words of Jetlovers' creator, Sergey Popov, it's a convenient way for the "lazy" to keep track of their flight activity stats.

JetLovers launched in May 2012 and is now looking to grow with an up and coming iOS app.