Planespotting at London Gatwick airport

After the global mega-hub of Istanbul it was time to planespot at a totally different type of airport, not because it is small (London Gatwick makes it into Europe's top 10 airports by number of traffic) but because of the role it fulfils.

Although in some aspects might be providing a passenger experience superior to that of Heathrow (not a difficult challenge anyway!), Gatwick is not London's main airport.

Gatwick is mainly an airport for origin and destination traffic, with a strong leaning towards leisure and low cost carriers, however, it still provides good planespotting opportunities, as most of these carriers are fond of colourful liveries.

Gatwick has also its fair share of long-haul traffic too and, as it does not have the capacity constraints of Heathrow it is easy to spot a broad range of aircraft types, from British regional carriers to Virgin Atlantic's jumbo jets...


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