"Aircrafted" - 3 Airline Ads from the London Tube

Thomson airline ad flights.JPG

This time not reporting from the air, but from below the ground, instead (not a first for this site!). As I was in London heading for Aviation Festival, a few airline ads present at London tube stations caught my eye.

They represent very different styles of ad, possibly reflecting the different publics and business models of each of these airlines.

The first one, above, is Thomas Cook ad of its Winter flights from Gatwick to warm places, Barbados and Cape Town, obviously playing with the sense of freedom and the longing for holidays of the eminently leisure-oriented traffic of this carrier. But above all else, I liked the use, or rather the invention, of the word "Aircrafted", a clever way to convey a sense of luxury and dedication, even if the actual product is what it is!

American Airlines advertising.JPG

The next ad is targeting quite a different audience: transatlantic business class travelers. The message, straight to the point. Note how the American Airlines logo serves also as the upper part of the blanket (or so I thought at first glance!)

And below, a more rational, explanatory approach to airline advertising. In this case, possibly justified by the fact that Turkish airline Atlas Global is relatively little known in the UK market, so it has a need to explain the advantages of its "Ekonomiplus" ticket.

Atlas airline ad.jpg