Waltz meets Samba: Austrian completes Embraer Fleet

austrian embraers e-jets

I am quite a big fan of Embraer E-Jet's, even if increasing numbers of them mean, inevitably, less of those other great aircraft, the Fokker 100 and 70.

No need to fly on the executive jet version, the Lineage 1000E, the 2-2 seating arrangement most E-Jet operators is already a big plus over the typical 3-3 sported by larger narrow body airliners.

One of the carriers that have been busy adding Embraers is Austrian Airlines, that this month completed its fleet of the type upon reception of the 17th airframe, an E-195LR.

If you wish to fly one of Austrian's remaining Fokker 100s you are still on time, though, but better hurry up! because Austrian is withdrawing its last Fokkers in December.

Curiously enough some of these Fokkers are getting a new lease of life in the Australian outback, where Alliance Airlines operates them on routes to remote locations.

If what you wish, instead, is to try on the new Austrian Embraers, and looking for a good reason to fly through Vienna in the near future, here is your chance!