Brussels Airlines Crowdsources Next Belgian Icon Livery

Brussels airlines livery design

This summer seems to be high season for airline special liveries. 

Just in the last month we have had the chance to see in this blog the likes of Finnair, KLM and, on two separate occasions, TAP. To which we must add Icelandair's Vatnajokull Boeing 757 a bit earlier.

An airline that has been standing out in this field, with some help from the rich creative tradition of its home country, is Brussels Airlines.

We have covered so far Brussels Airlines' Magritte and Tintin (#SNRackham to be more exact!) liveries.  

The Trindent livery, dedicated to Belgium's national football team, and the Amare one, honouring the Tomorrowland festival, we missed, but you can admire them all together on this group pic:

Brussels Airlines special liveries

Now Brussels airlines is asking the public to help design a 5th special livery, that must also be dedicated to a Belgian icon. There is time until the 31st of August to submit your ideas.

(By the way, a way to crowdsource airline livery design ideas that Aeroflot also used in order to design liveries celebrating its 90th and 95th anniversaries)