Airlines and climate change in the London tube

I recently came across the following advertisement while at the London underground. Quite puzzling to be honest...the colours and theme look the same, but to the left is China Airlines announcing its new London-Taipei service ( inaugurated last March), to the right Oxfam dennouncing the dangers of climate change.

My first thought: are both ads part of the same marketing campaign? maybe China Airlines contributing to some carbon neutral scheme? I read the small print (unfortunately not readable in the photograph) and I doubt it. Option 2): climate change campaigners mimmicking the theme of airline advertisements and then selecting their ads to be placed next to the airline ones? maybe...but then I saw this at another tube station:

Another climate change ad next to an airline advertisement, this time the venerable British airline Monarch (letting everyone know that it has now been ferrying holidaymakers to Europe's sunny spots for over four decades, quite remarkable in this industry!).

So, it seems the colour coincidence with China airlines was just that: a coincidence (I wonder what the China Airlines marketing people are thinking, in case they know...), however not too sure about the placement of climate change ads next to airline ads is such a coincidence, I haven't seen them anywhere else, but the sample is just to small to be able to tell...if this is the case, this means that advertising in the tube is not as "dumb" as it looks, you can select the placement to reach your potential customers or to discredit your rivals...In the meantime will keep looking to see whether I find more cases!