How would you paint an Airbus A380?

A380 paint your plane contest

"Design-your-own-livery" contests have a long tradition in the airline industry.

And you know what?

They work!

It is a straightforward, engaging way to get people and media talking, while getting, at the same time, an eye-catching original livery that will make the brand stand out at airports around the World. 

What we had not seen so far is the contest being run on an aircraft this size!

Japanese airline ANA has three A380s on order and has decided to tap the creativity of the public.

Between 7th October and 30th November, you can submit your ideas about how this Airbus A380 should be painted.

The theme: "Fly A380 to Honolulu", since the aircraft will be deployed on the Hawaii route.

The winner gets a couple of business class tickets to Hawaii! - and, of course - the pride of seeing the design on such a magnificent aircraft.

Other examples of crowd-sourced airline liveries are Aeromexico's Aztec Dreamliner, Vueling's "Linking Europe" architecture themed A320 and Aeroflot's Khokhloma Superjet SSJ100.