Fly on a private Jet for $59? - JetSuiteX on flash sales mode

JetSuiteX422 (5).jpg

In, yet, one more example of blurring lines between different segments of the air travel industry, you can now fly on an executive jet between several US West Coast cities for as little as $59.

The initiative corresponds to JetSuiteX - a company that we have featured in earlier occasions because of its innovative approach mixing elements of the corporate jet and commercial airline Worlds.

Granted, it is a flash sale and only for a limited number of seats during a limited period of time (purchases must be made before October 29th for travel up until 28th November), but, nevertheless, it is quite an eye-catching deal.

In fact, it is quite possible that one of the major obstacles these type of "affordable private jet" operators find is the psychological barrier that most travellers (not unjustifiably, to be honest) have when it comes to consider the executive jet alternative, even when the business model allows for fares that are reasonably competitive with commercial flights. Similar to what happened when the first low cost carriers came around and many were skeptical that teh air fare could cost less than a long distance train or bus ticket.

These type of actions could give a taster to this alternative mode of air travel to a much wider public.