All Nippon Airways launches beautiful (and pointless) Linkedin tool

Ana Linkedin map

Japanese airline ANA (All Nippon Airway) helps you visualize your Linkedin network as an airline route map.

To do so it has put together a website that, once you have linked it to your Linkedin profile, it organizes a 3D map of your contacts and tells you which ones are reachable through an ANA route.

This is possibly the best visualizations and analysis tools of Linkedin networks that I have seen so far (it actually requires the most up to date web browser versions and a very fast internet connection!), but I was left with a doubt...what's the point?

And the answer is possibly...none at all.

In what way this display of technical prowess helps ANA's commercial goals, or anyone's goals for that matter, because, to be honest, I am quite a heavy Linkedin user and I like to look at airline route maps, but once I have played with this website a little bit I doubt I will ever use it again for anything.