Airbus E-Fan: 106 years later, the Channel witnesses another aviation feat

Nearly 106 years have passed between this moment...



And this one...

Bleriot channel crossing

Louis Blériot's crossing of the Channel, between Calais and Dover is one of the iconic milestones of early aviation.

Last week, another revolutionary aircraft completed the same milestone, only that the other way around, from the English to the French side of the Channel...

The E-Fan is Airbus experiment in the field of electric propulsion for aircraft. A field still in its early stages but with the potential to turn upside down not only aviation but its whole supply chain, most notably of all, the energy industry.

I confess I am no expert in the field, so, if you wish to learn more about this technology and Airbus' vision for electric propulsion, the best thing you can do is visit this dedicated website that the European aircraft manufacturer has put together with all the details and some nice visualizations.