Constellation-themed ice-cream shop in Denver

denver superconnie icecream.jpg

Whether by coincidence or not, a number of stories involving either Lockheed’s historical Super Constellation aircraft in different states of restoration (some even showing up in unlikely locations!) or ice-cream (yes, ice cream!) have been popped up lately.

Now, here’s a story that mixes these two things together…

constellation denver ice-cream.jpg

A replica of the Super Constellation airliner is the theme of a new ice-cream shop called “Little Man Ice Cream” in Denver, Colorado. To be more exact, the ice-cream kiosk is located under the 75ft-long wing.

This set up is the work of Michael Koch and Cassandra Covotsos of Koch Covotsos Architects.

The Constellation replica has, somehow, brought back aviation to Denver’s Stapleton neighbourhood. Until 1995, this was home to Denver’s old Stapleton International Airport, which was then closed and replaced by the current Denver International Airport.

ice cream super connie.JPG
ice cream shop constellation.JPG