Air Italy to promote Made in Italy artisan "gelato"

Picture: Air Italy

Picture: Air Italy

Can you imagine anything more glorious than an artisan ice-cream festival?

The Gelato Festival is just that: an itinerant ice-cream promotional tour that travels around North America and Italy promoting Italian artisan “gelato”.

The good news for avgeeks that love “gelato” is that the festival got its own partner airline: Air Italy.

The re-capitalized (by Qatar Airways), re-branded, re-energized version of the airline formerly known as Meridiana has seen in this event the opportunity to promote, with an allusion to its italianness, its growing programme of flights between Italy and the US and Canada (it currently flies from Milan to New York JFK and Miami and this summer season is launching San Francisco, Los Angeles and Toronto as new destinations).

As part of the deal, Air Italy will get its own customized ice-cream flavour (not sure what it will taste of yet).

Although, it looks like this flavour is going to be available only onsite at the festival…would be great if this initiative had continuity up in the air

Because…why not?

We often hear about the wine selection or the new menus devised by airlines in partnership. Finnair even has its own signature cocktail (that is served to business class passengers on long haul flights).

Wouldn’t it be nice if every airline had its own unique ice-cream flavour?