Austrian Boeing 777 to Train with Eurofighters

030 - Special Branding B777 OELPF 1.jpg

Of all the press releases I get, this one really caught my eye "New Boeing 777 of Austrian Airlines to Land in Vienna for the First Time as Part of an Interception Training"

Yes, this is exactly what it says.

The Austrian Armed Forces will use the ferry flight from Hong Kong (where it has been fitted) of Austrian Airlines new Boeing 777 (OE-LPF) as a training opportunity for its Typhoon Eurofighter pilots.

Interestingly this piece of news arrives shortly after the Austrian government has been debating getting rid of the Eurofighters altogether, due to cost concerns.

In any case, and weather permitting, the exercise, that will include a go-around maneuvre should be visible from Vienna airport on 8th May, where OS1472, as the incoming flight has been designated is expected to land at 14.40 local time.

While we await the pics or video from this event, here are some other recent occasions where airliners and air forces have flown displays together. Always a treat for aviation enthusiasts.

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