Oslo Airport Gets Food Trucks

Picture: Avinor Oslo Airport

Picture: Avinor Oslo Airport

Who said airport food has to be bland?

Much in line with the "food truck mania" that has swept through the last few years, Oslo airport has just had the brilliant idea to invite 5 food trucks, representing different culinary traditions from around the World, to set up shop in the terminal.

The 5 food trucks in question, arranged in a food-court-style set up after the passport control area, serve from Neapolitan pizza and Mexican street food to smoothies, salads and meats.

At at time when even legacy airlines are cutting on inflight meals, having a great diversity of bites to choose from before boarding is always a nice treat...although, taking into consideration Norwegian price levels, best not to ask, at this point, how much is one of those pizzas, unless you wish to spoil you joy.

By the way, I had the chance to mention Oslo airport recently in this article because of its award-winning new environmentally friendly terminal.