Run and Fly with Lufthansa


With running becoming the sport of choice of some many active young professionals, it was just a matter of time before this activity became also a promotion channel for airlines.

In  a move that is reminiscent of airBaltic's "burn the miles" campaign, Lufthansa's #RunandFlyLufthansa social media initiative wants you (or your friends, since it can be done in teams too) to run 10km and...complete three assignments before qualifying for a number of prizes (free trips to some of the Lufthansa's most attractive destinations).

You would need to sign up on a dedicated Lufthansa site and sync your fitness tracking device with it (as I write these lines almost 13,000 runners had signed up, completing nearly half a million kilometres) but along the way you will also learn some facts about the new technologies that Lufthansa is rolling-out in its new Airbus A350 aircraft.

As Lufthansa ups the game when it comes to technology and innovation, the A350 has become a showcase for some really cool stuff, like, for example, JetLite's advanced cabin ambient lighting.