Icelandair goes to the Theatre


We were kind of used to Icelandair's brilliant ideas to give visibility to the Northern transatlantic route, which - you may have guessed - includes a stopover in beautiful Iceland (not that I would mind!)

There are, of course, the nature-inspired eye-catching special liveries - the Hekla Aurora and the Vatnajokull - but one thing that the Icelandic flag carrier seems to be particularly good at is in getting its staff engaged in these sort of eye-catching initiatives. We saw it with the Stopover Buddy programme, that pairs stopover passengers with crew and other members of staff in order to experience Iceland in a totally different way...

The new immersive experience that Icelandair is proposing theatre!

Some Icelandair crew have been training seriously in order to, come the 8th of September, perform a 3-act piece that will unfold on flights over the North Atlantic, from London to Keflavik first, then at Icelandair's Saga Lounge at Keflavik airport, and the last act on the transatlantic leg from Keflavik to New York.