Icelandair's Hekla Aurora Boeing 757 is stunningly beautiful

Picture:  Icelandair

Picture: Icelandair

I have always found the Boeing 757 one of the most beautiful aircraft ever (so sad to see so few of them left!) and, although, I have yet to visit, my understanding is that Iceland is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. So, I, necessarily, got quite excited when I learned that Icelandair had actually combined the beauty of the two them to create one of the most eye-catching aircraft liveries out there.

And my excitement only grew when I landed on Icelandair's dedicated Hekla Aurora website.

Besides its great design (this being the Nordics I would not expect less!), there is a making-off video explaining the complexities of creating such a sophisticated livery.

And another one of the cabin interior, where the lighting  mimics also the Aurora Borealis, creating a relaxing atmosphere for the passengers.

And, very important for aviation enthusiasts: there is a calendar with Hekla Aurora's schedule!

Unfortunately it's unlikely in the near future I will be anywhere near the airports listed...But, if you do get a chance to spot the Hekla Aurora Boeing 757, Icelandair encourages you to tag it on Instagram or Twitter with #MyStopover hashtag (quite a subtle way to remind everyone about Icelandair niche specialization as a transatlantic connector!), you might get features on Icelandair's magazine.