More on Electric Aircraft: Airbus E-Fan X


Literally days after I published this report on CNN about the state of electric aircraft research, Airbus has announced that it aims to fly a E-Fan X demonstrator by 2020.

If you had read my CNN piece this should not come as a surprise, since the roll-out of a 2MW demonstrator has been clearly outlined by Airbus for already some time. 

The news is that we have now some more details and an orientative date.

Airbus has partnered with Siemens and Rolls-Royce for this project, that will use a BAe-146 aircraft as a testbed for the electric motor technology. First one of the aircraft turbines will be replaced with an electric 2MW motor. If successful, a second one will follow.

Step by step towards the, still distant, goal of a fully electric commercial airliner...

A diagram of the E-Fan X

A diagram of the E-Fan X