Aeroméxico goes Aztec with its new colourful livery

Aeromexico Quetzalcóatl livery

It has become a sort of tradition in this site to note the most original, colourful and stunning airline liveries out there.

And we can not complain, because the airlines themselves seem to take pleasure in this sort of beauty contest where they are constantly trying to outsmart the competition by coming up with an even more eye-catching colour scheme.

The local factor always tends to play an important role, though, as we saw recently with KLM's "Oranje" Boeing 777Aeroflot's "CSKA Moscow" or, even Belavia's "made-in-Belarus" World of Tanks videogame theme.

In Aeromexico's case, the theme was decided in a popular contest that run in 2014, with over 400 proposals making it to the selection stage.

The winner was none other than this intricate livery that features Quetzalcóatl (or the "Feathered Snake", one of the main characters of Aztec mythology.

The livery will decorate Aeromexico's first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, the first of 10 aircraft ordered by the Mexican carrier.