Frontier Airlines' Mascot Contest

Frontier Mascot Tail

Some airlines have certain traditions when it comes to painting the tails of their planes, to the point that it has become one of the airline's identity symbols...but also a way to reach out to its customers and followers!

Frontier Airlines' animal tails are one of the most remarkable out there. Each of them depicting a North American wild species. A tradition that it shares with many American schools and colleges that have also a mascot as an symbol.

Bring the two together and you have Frontier's Mascot Contest.

Basically, Frontier hasn't decided yet what animal should be on the new Airbus A320 that is due to receive soon, so it has invited people to suggest what school mascots should be on the plane (institutions whose mascot is not an animal or an animal that is not found in North America will still be able to take part, just that the animal to be painted on the tail will be another one, chosen by Frontier).

People will have the final vote on the website (a smart strategy to grow the contacts database too!)

The winning mascot is going to be on the tail of the aircraft, that is also going to be named after it, plus the organizaton that the mascot is linked to will get 20 round trips on Frontier.

You can cast your vote until the 30th of April!

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