Uber, helicopters and private jets

Picture: Airbus Helicopters

Picture: Airbus Helicopters

This article on the Wall Street Journal announces that Uber is partnering with Airbus to expand its on-demand service to helicopter rides.

UPDATE: this initiative has run into some trouble with the local authorities, so it had to stop.

In any case, it remains an interesting move for all the high-flyers out there, however, the most interesting part, in my opinion, is that it is one more step in the evolution of technology to those segments of the travel industry that had been little touched by the internet and mobile revolution that has completely swept everything that was standing in front of it in the last couple of decades. 

This is a topic I already explored on a CNN article of June 2015, "Can Uber-style apps make affordable private jets a reality", in fact, one of the companies featured, Jetmsarter, has a partnership with helicopter firm BLADE, a Eurocopter operator, to shuttle Jetsmarter's private jet users between Manhattan an several airports in the New York City area.

I would be surprised if there weren't a few more of these initiatives going on at the moment...