Airline apps for the Apple Watch

Easyjet AppleWatch

The Apple Watch is not yet in the stores but some airlines have already been busy developing their own apps for the new Apple gadget.

In fact, the new Apple device seems specially suited to the needs of the air traveler, phone apps are handy and convenient and have been widely embraced by passengers and airlines alike, but there is still that little annoying step when you need to take the phone out of your pocket and start brwosing through the different apps.

The Apple Watch sorts that step out, moreover, while the small size of the screen might be an obstacle to the use of some applications, this is not a barrier for apps that focus on providing very concise information such as flight number, time and status as well as some basic travel info such as baggage collection, for example.

And what to say of mobile boarding passes? Waving your way through the gate will certainly take a new meaning.

Among airlines, Easyjet and Emirates have already announced their own Apple Watch apps, many more certainly to follow!