Volotea names first four A319s as it transitions away from Boeing 717s

A Volotea B717, soon to be phased out. Picture: Volotea

A Volotea B717, soon to be phased out. Picture: Volotea

Regional pan-European airline Volotea (an airline that we hold dear since we were among the first to report about its impending launch back in the day!)  has already announced the names chosen for its first four Airbus A319s, due for delivery form this coming February.

The final choice has been made out of 18,000 proposals and draws from an eclectic mix of inspiration sources that ranges from Star Wars (very timely!) to Julius Caesar.

Here are the names:

  1. Han Volo (NTE)
  2. Veni, Vidi, Volo (NTE)
  3. Voh-lalá (OVD)
  4. Airbus One (BOD)

I kind of like the Airbus One name, although it is quite reminiscent of Vueling's "Air Force Juan" (by the way, a name that also came out from a naming contest)

A somehow less flashy, but, more far reaching aspect of this story is that this marks the start of Volotea's transition from an all-Boeing 717 to an Airbus fleet. A decision that underpins the airline's long-term growth plans, since Airbus A319/20 family aircraft are far more available in the market. 

Some airlines, like Hawaiian, that use the type for niche routes might be welcoming all those Boeing 717s, coming back to the market though!