Pegasus Airlines nice plane painting story

Ada E. Pegasus B737-800

Last month I flew for the first time on Pegasus Airlines to Sabiha Gökçen international airport in Istanbul, also a first.

Upon disembarking and taking the bus that would take us to the terminal, a Pegasus Boeing 737-800 named "Ada E." caught my eye because of its very lively livery .

So I set out to find out more about it and came across this very nice story.

Pegasus has the tradition of naming its new aircraft with the names of employees' daughters, that are chosen at random from all the names submitted to a competition called "The World's Most Wonderful Gift".

In 2014, the Turkish airline took this one step further by asking the girls to paint the holiday of their dreams.

This time not only the aircraft would receive the name of the girl, but the winning painting was then applied to the airline's newest Boeing 737-800s upon delivery in Seattle.

However, and here's the interesting twist, the winner of the contest, a 9 year old from Izmir called Ada, was not told of the aircraft painting, only that she was traveling to Istanbul to receive her award.

See what happens next...