Great video of five Airbus A350 XWB flying in formation

A350 XWB formation flight

If there is an aircraft type that I am really looking forward to fly very soon, this is the new member of the Airbus family, the Airbus A350 XWB.

Although still not in commercial service, the A350 XWB has been multiplying its public appearances, from the last edition of Farnborough Air Show to the Asian demonstration tour that has brought it to five capitals in that continent in the last few weeks.

But one of the most spectacular stunts involving the A350 XWB was the formation flight five A350 XWB aircraft performed over Southern France last September, a flight that could be tracked through Flightradar24.

Thanks to Carles Vallribera, for drawing my attention to this fantastic video, produced by Airbus, that is basically the "making-off" of the formation flight, detailing the preparations involved in such a feat of coordination, plus some spectacular air-to-air footage of the sortie.

Really amazing to see these large commercial airliners fly and maneuver almost as if they were fighter jets!

By the way, all those interested in learning more about the Airbus A350 XWB will find a trove of interesting information on this dedicated A350 XWB website that Airbus has put together.