Vueling's A320 making low pass over Barcelona's beach

"Festa al Cel" is the name of an air festival that takes place in Barcelona every year around the 24th of September, as part of the city's main annual festival.

This year the local airline, Vueling, sent one of its Airbus A320s to perform at the air display. Here is a video posted by Aerotendencias with some great footage of thsi air exhibition, the low level pass over the sea at minute 00:32 being my favourite moment!

By the way, the A320 doing the acrobatics is none other than an old acquitance of this blog, the "Linking Europe" A320 livery with the outline of some of the continent's most representative monuments.

And if you want to see what other crazy stuff an Airbus A320 can do, check out this Wizz Air low leel pass of downtown Budapest!