Air New Zealand wants to send you to Antarctica

Who wants to see some ice? Picture: Air New Zealand

Who wants to see some ice? Picture: Air New Zealand

We mentioned a few weeks ago how Air New Zealand is preparing to re-start its Antarctic flights programme. But this is not the only Antarctica-related initiative being planned by the Kiwi airline...

If you always wished to visit Antarctica but were wary of being shepherded in one of the organized tours that go there regularly, you might want to check Air New Zealand's "Voice for Antarctica " contest.

You would just need to help them bring to life some nice videos they have put together about the frozen continent, by recording some voice-over or writing a script for a chance to win a two-week stary at New Zealand's Scott Antarctic base together with National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards.

A nice way to draw attention to Air New Zealand's Antarctic links, that include sponsorship of Antarctic research, as well as grants and free flights to the US and Canada for scientists working on Antarctic-related matters.