Quo vadis Aeroflot?

Some, apparently, contradictory rumors about Aeroflot the last few days: 

1) Russian business daily Kommersant reported that Aeroflot might be looking for a way to get out of Skyteam as it is not happy with current arrangements, in particular with the transatlantic side, with the Delta tie-up not delivering enough value to the Russian company. The article hints at a Star Alliance switch as a possibility.

Such a move would give Star Alliance an almost unassailable position of dominance in the routes between Western and Eastern Europe and beyond (Aeroflot is now consolidating a number of subsidiaries across Russia up to the Pacific Coast), wondering what would be stance of Europe's competition authorities. 

Aeroflot could also decide to go alone and strike agreements with individual airlines.

As the article reckons, it is ultimately going to be a political decision which way to go. 

2) These informations contrast with another rumor, later denied by the Russian flag carrier, that it might be interested in acquiring an equity stake in Alitalia.  It is not the first time there is speculation about such tie-up. I don't know what would be the logic of acquiring a minority equity position in a chronically loss-making airline, but, if true, would, ironically, bring aeroflot closer into the Skyteam field...