Aeroflot lets you name its new Far-Eastern airline


Aeroflot's CEO Vitaly Savelyev announced it on his twitter timeline:  Aeroflot is calling on twitter users to help it name its new Far Eastern subsidiary.

Twitter users wishing to participate in the naming of the new airline should send their proposals by tweeting them before the 25th of June with the hashtag #AFLVostok  (Vostok means "East" in Russian), the proposals will be filtered by a team of consultants that will then present a range of names for the users to vote. The most popular option will be used as a name for the new airline.

If you can read Russian here is Aeroflot's press release about the new airline's naming contest as well as the tweets in question:


This new airline Aeroflot is planning for the Russian Far East and the Pacific region is, actually, going to be based on two existing Aeroflot subsidiaries: SAT Airlines (Sakhalin Airlines) and Vladivostok Avia, the latter having been folded into the former

Russia's Far Eastern airline industry seems to have benefited little so far of its proximity to the booming East Asian markets, with Vladivostok Avia in particular being a drag on the overall Aeroflot's Group financial performance. I guess this move aims to fix this issue while improving connectivity of the Russian Far East with neighbouring Asian countries (for example, might be interesting to see whether it takes advantage of links with Skyteam's Korean Airlines)...interesting questions to follow up on...but, for now, let your imagination fly and use #AFLVostok to send your proposals!