A Pilot's Eye: a visual site to explore the World from a pilot's perspective


Few things  in this World are as photogenic as aviation.

Appreciation of aviation-related photography and video goes well beyond aviation community (I see every time friends of mine that are not particularly interested in aviation share some of my airline-related pictures or videos).

It is not only aircraft that are incredibly photogenic, stop a second to consider how privileged you are to live in an era when the ancient human dream of flying has finally materialized and all you need to do to get a glimpse of the World from 30,000ft is book an airline ticket and make sure you were allocated a window seat...

Just as the the internet was becoming increasingly visual, with the likes of Pinterest, Instagram and recently acquired Tumblr popularizing new ways to organize and share pictures and video, Jonathan Simpson, a commercial pilot with an interest in photography, realized that something was missing: while there were plenty of planespotting sites, there was little (if anything) dedicated to the view from the opposite direction.  It was then, aware of the large number of fellow pilots that take amazing photos while up in the air, that the idea of what would become A Pilot's Eye started to take shape.

A Pilot's Eye is an online community of aviators that share and showcase their photography of the world from a unique perspective.

A Pilot's Eye layout is clean and very visual, a bit reminiscent of Pinterest and its boards, where each user can follow other users and create their own boards to organise their own pictures, however, unlike on Pinterest, users can not re-pin each other's pictures. The founders felt that it was  important to protect the integrity of the site so that users were encouraged to upload their own personal photos. To this extent the boards become effectively folders in which to store images of different categories.

A Pilot's Eye has also the features of an embrionary community: afterregistering for membership via a simple sign up process which could be using a twitter or facebook profile the user can then take part in uploading, commenting on and liking pictures and videos. 

Non-pilots are equally welcome, as the site aims to provide a visual inside into aviation that, I am sure, those who are not directly involved will also find fascinating.

My recommendation: check out the landscapes section!