Only in Italy: Lamborghini "follow me" car at Bologna airport

In this blog you normally will find pictures and videos of aircraft, however today a very different type of vehicle is featured.

Aircraft landing at Bologna Guglielmo Marconi airport this month of May will be welcomed and guided to the terminal in style, since the Italian car maufacturer has made one of its Lamborghini Aventadors available for "follow me" duties.

This stunt, which is part of Lamborghini's 50th anniversary celebrations, is not the first time that the Italian sports car maker makes one of its cars available for public duty: in 2004 it gave two Lamborghini Gallardos to the Italian police (although one is no longer in service following a crash).

Not sure an airport is the place to make the most out of this car's capabilities though!

In the following video you can see how Bologna airport's Lamborghini Aventador looks like from an aircraft cockpit.