Planespotting at Sheremetyevo airport, Moscow


Although I have been following the Russian airline industry for already some time, it was not until a few days ago that I finally flew Aeroflot for the first time. Until now I had been flying in and out of Moscow always through Domodedovo airport, that is used both by Star Alliance and Oneworld airlines so, flying Aeroflot was also the perfect occasion to visit Sheremetyevo airport. It didn't disappoint!

Sheremetyevo has a long glass gallery all along the terminal that offers great planespotting opportunities, including the occasional view of the scarce Il-96, an aircraft that has been appearing quite a lot in this blog lately, and that Aeroflot deploys on some routes, such as those to Turkey.


Here are some pictures I took while waiting to board. The day was kind of cloudy which gave it an overall greyish tone that I think goes quite well with Aeroflot's current livery (actually you just need to spend some time on Instagram to notice that Aeroflot silver-grey aircraft look absolutely gorgeous on rainy days!).


You can always go to my Instagram account for more pictures of this an other planespotting outings.!

And regarding the flight: when, back home, when I mentioned that I had flown Aeroflot, I  still got some raised eye-brows from people for whom this airline's name only conjures images of run-down outdated Soviet-made aircraft and service...Let's be clear: present day Aeroflot has absolutely nothing to do with that crumbling airline depicted on the Airplaneski! documentary! First time with them but I guess not the last...!