App in the Air spins off Airport Guru to make the most of your airport experience

Earlier this year I wrote about a great app for frequent fliers that I had come across, App in the Air, and mentioned that more airport experience apps might be coming out soon from the same team.

Well, the new airport experience mobile app is here!

The guys beind App in the Air have released Airport Guru, which, basically, aims to improve your airport experience by leveraging the airport reviews part of App in the Air. 


You can also find reviews on the App in the Air, but, as the founder of the company that has created both apps, explained to me. As soon as App in the Air was released and started to get feedback from real users  they spotted there was demand in the market for a stripped-down version of App in the Air focusing on airport tips and reviews.

While App in the Air aims to be a holistic travel experience app where you can control many aspects related to your trip, from tracking your flights, setting alarms or checking currency rates, Airport Guru aims to give you the best tips about airports. 

The app is free, but to access the two most popular categories for each airport, you need to upgrade to a paid version ($2.99). 

I have been testing the free version myself and I can say it is very intuitive and clean interface that makes it easy to find the information you are looking for.

A good example of benefits of focus.