What happened to all those Spanair and Malev aircraft?

 When it comes to financial stability, the airline industry has a terrible reputation (and track record!). We had a reminder early this year with the disappearance of Spanair and Malev.

But, have you wondered where do all these aircraft go when an airline goes bust?

I did, and The Sun (I know! not my top source of aviation knowledge though..) has provided part of the answer. At least 24 ex-Spanair and ex-Malev planes made their way to Ireland to be stored at Dublin and Sannon airports (while they await their final destination, that in most cases will very likely be the Arizona desert).

In the meantime, Dublin Airport Authority benefits nicely from providin this sort of long-term parking facility (€2,500 per aircraft per day). Other to benefit have been airlines loking to expand their fleet, since this glut in aircraft supply might have lowered leasing costs up to 25%.

The Sun's article was written in March though, it would be interesting to learn where all these planes, except the 9 Spanair A320s that went to Vueling, have finally ended up...any clues?