More ways to follow Allplane

This is kind of a service announcement, but I would like to share with you the new platforms where I am posting airline and aviation-related content.

You will see that the web is getting visual and that it is seems that it is all about social curation now...the great advantage of these platforms is that they are all interconnected, so they are great complements of this blog and allow me to share my content in new ways as well as uncover some great aviation-related content produced by other aviation enthusiasts out there.

If you like what I post on this blog, then I suggest you follow me also on:


A great enjoyable way to share all sort of aviation pictures


A new way to share content, very visual and with a point of randomness

This platform allows you to share stories and content in a similar way to what Pinterest allows you to do with images

And, of course, Allplane is on

Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ too!