Allplane featured in the media

The Spanish air travel market is one of the favourites of this blog, as so much is going on there at the moment. The effects of the economic crisis are having a deep impact on this sector and, therefore, it does not come as a surprise that the media are often reporting on aviation related issues, and it is in this context that Allplane got featured twice recently...

I would like to thank Companias Low Cost for presenting Allplane to its readership. Companias Low Cost, a highly recommended blog, provides an overview, in Spanish, of the news in the low cost air travel sector. I am also very grateful to David Rodriguez for writing some nice words about Allplane in the Catalan newspaper Ara. If you happen to understand Catalan I recommend reading his regular column on this newspaper about infrastructure and transportation issues!

By the way, and in connection with this latest article, the future of Lleida airport is again under discussion after Vueling and Pyrenair have canceled their routes to Barcelona, Vigo and Madrid. The Catalan government is going to draft a strategic plan with a view to guaranteeing the economic viability of this facility...something worth following up!