Which airport does Santa Claus take off from?

Possibly Rovaniemi, Finland (RVN), at least this is the airport commonly assumed to be the closest to his home in the Finnish woods...or was it the North Pole? in that case, Ivalo, Finland (IVL) could be a better alternative, as it is farther North, although if he really lives in the North Pole maybe he should be taking off from Svalbard airport-Longyear (LYR), in the Svalbard islands, Norway, which happens to be the World's northermost airport with regular air services.

In any case, it seems that most European airlines have made their choice on where Santa's real home is, otherwise you wouldn't have over a dozen airlines from all over Europe flying every winter to the small town of Rovaniemi (pop.60,000) from tens of destinations such as Milan, Amsterdam or Budapest...However, looks like Easyjet and Transavia beg to differ...or at least they are hedging their bets, as they fly to Ivalo instead.

Wherever Santa's home is, though, one thing is sure, these two airports are the gateway to an amazing winter wonderland...!