Food provenance, authenticity and airline marketing: providing an in-flight gastronomical experience

A few days ago I came across a couple an interesting article on Airline Trends (a great blog that I recommend to anyone interested in airline marketing, by the way!) that focused on how food can be a great way for airlines to differentiate their offerings and improve the traveler experience.

This is a topic that deeply interests me and I think airline's initiatives in this direction are very consistent with the ongoing trend towards introducing more doses of authenticity in the consumer experience, something you can see for example if visiting any UK supermarket, where products come with more and more provenance references in their I thought about a sharing an article that friend site has just published about authenticity and provenance in in-flight meals.

Food origins up in the air (via

I hope you enjoy the post and please do not hesitate to contact me if you know of any more initiatives of airlines using on-board food provenance and authenticity for marketing purposes!

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