A personal note about the Ju-Air Ju-52 tragedy

ju-52 ju-air.png

On 4th of August we learned of the tragic news that one of Ju-Air's Ju-52s had crashed in the Swiss Alps when it was flying from Locarno to Dübendorf, with the loss of 20 lives.

At the time of writing these lines, the accident is still under investigation, its causes unknown.

All air crashes are a tragedy, yet, this one struck me particularly, because not even two years to date, I had the chance to fly on that same aircraft on a very similar route.

On that occasion, the panoramic flight took us out of Dübendorf airbase, near Zürich, and back.

For about half an hour we could admire not just the beautiful Swiss countryside, but the really unique experience of flying one of aviation's most iconic aircraft of all times, in a two-aircraft formation, which gave us plenty of photo and video opportunities.

In this post I wrote after the experience you can see some of the footage and images from this magnificent aircraft.

My little homage.