KLM Does It Right, Again

klm digital booking page

I have often praised KLM for taking the lead in all things digital and this should not have taken me by surprised, but the Dutch airline manage to delight me once more with its signature digital touch.

In this case it is something as trivial as going the extra mile to provide some interesting details about your upcoming flight.

klm aircraft info

Some of this information is, of course, of a commercial nature, aiming to peddle some ancillaries (as airlines become more like digital retailers, I guess some innovation will be needed to optimise customer touchpoints), some of its is just fun.

Thus, upon doing the electronic check I was presented with this long page with plenty of different info and data snippets.

klm booking info

Not sure this format is ideal for ancillary sales, but it certainly provides quite a few points of interest, particularly for curious travelers and avgeeks.

I particularly liked this part, with beautiful illustrations and information about the aircraft you are going to fly.

klm info for your flight

I hope to see soon some airlines taking note and following KLM’s path!