Binter goes to the mainland with CRJ1000s


On this site we keep a close eye at what happens , aviation-wise, on Europe's Atlantic islands. From Iceland all the way to the Canaries by way of the Azores, there is an airline ecosystem that thrives on this insular medium.

A case in point is Binter Canarias, a carrier traditionally focused on inter-island connections, that has been rolling out a somehow more ambitious strategy of late.

After setting up a subsidiary in the African island-nation of Cape Verde, an archipelago further down the African coast that has some geographical similarities with the Canary Islands (and that has also attracted the attention of Icelandic airline investors)

Binter is not only expanding Southwards, but Northwards as well, stepping up the game with some direct links to the Spanish mainland. 

For this purpose Binter is up-gauging its tuboprop fleet to larger Bombardier CRJ1000 jets, that will be used to link the island of Tenerife to Vigo, on Spain's North-West coast and Majorca, the other Spanish archipelago, in the Mediterranean.

An interesting addition to the quite competitive Canary Islands run, although focusing so far on city pairs where there is no direct competition at the moment.