Air New Zealand Cool Antarctic Safety Video

air new zealand antarctica

It has become a tradition of sorts for this site to report on every new safety video released by Air New Zealand.

Every one of these, that, amazingly, come out with clockwork regularity and frequency, is a small work of art, both in its creative and visual aspects.

I must say the latest one, aptly titled "World's Coolest Safety Video" would rank easily among my favourites, as it features stunning footage of Antarctica, the less known continent of all, though not for Air New Zealand, that, historically, has visited the frozen continent with certain regularity.

Watch it here and, then, raise your hands if these videos have not awaken an irresistible desire to visit Antarctica!

This time the safety video comes along with a "behind the scenes" piece with Adrian Grenier, the actor and director that stars in Air New Zealand's safety video. Mr Grenier has signified himself throughout his career because of its environmental activism.