Flight Review: Air France Boeing 777-200 Economy Class

air france b777 economy.JPG

Flight #: AF351

From: Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)

To: Montréal - Pierre Elliott Trudeau (YUL)

Flight time: 7h 30min approx.

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200

Class: Economy

This flight was part of the same itinerary that allowed me to fly me, earlier on the same day, on “millennial airline” Joon for the very first time (flight report here).

This was the first time I flew on an Air France’s Boeing 777, so was curious to test the economy class product, what follows is the flight review of the 7+ hours I spent on it while on my way to Québec.

air france economy class seat.JPG

The Cabin

A 3-4-3 layout (luckily I got the window seat!) with leather-upholstered seats and a decent pitch.

I really like the colour combination, quite sober and elegant (something I noted already on my Air France A320 flight review some time ago…)

As usual on long haul flights, a blanket, a pillow and a set of earbuds were provided.

air france economy class seat.JPG

The seats had backseat screens with an in-flight entertainment system (IFE), although there was no internet connectivity on this particular flight.

The movie selection was quite good, including quite a few interesting French films I would possibly had never been able to enjoy had they not been there.

air france back seat screen.JPG

And here some more classical inflight entertainment, planespotting when up in the air…


…it turns out it is another Air France Boeing 777 following pretty much the same path as us.


The Food

Possibly the best part of the flight, at least comparatively to other long-haul airlines I have flown recently.

We had two meals, a hot main meal, pictured below, that was really good (for economy class at least), quite well balanced, nutritious and tasty, plus wine and drinks and digestif.

air france inflight meal.JPG
air france inflight food.JPG
air france inflight drink.JPG

The other meal was this sort of hors d’oeuvres that we were served when we were already approaching our destination. What I found quite interesting is the packaging in which it came, with this type of fashion-boutique style bag.

air france goodie bag.JPG

When they started to hand it out I was not sure whether it was a goodie bag, but here are the contents: some cookies, fruit juice and other finger food. Simple, but refreshing, just about an hour before landing.

inflight appetizers air france.JPG

Our Take: pretty good impression overall, a very decent economy class product.

(Another matter is that Paris CDG is not a particularly convenient or comfortable airport for connections in my opinion!)