Belavia presents second World of Tanks aircraft

Picture:  Belavia

Picture: Belavia

Belavia has done it again

After the success of its first World of Tanks aircraft (a Boeing 737-300), it has just unveiled a second aircraft with the same theme (nicknamed “Tankolyot” or, roughly translated “Flying Tank”)

This time is one of the airline’s more modern Embraer E-195 jets that has been painted with motives related to the famous Belarus-made videogame. Adding to the colourful design, in shades of black and orange, also the silhouette of a European bison, an endangered species whose last remaining specimens live in the forests along the Poland-Belarus border.

The idea here is to, showcase together two national icons, since World of Tanks is one of Belarus most successful exports and the bison is also a sort of national symbol of Belarus.

The World of Tanks decor is not limited to the fuselage.

Belavia intends to offer a full immersive World of Tanks experience with the cabin and seats decorated accordingly. For example, each seat features information about a historical tank or self-propelled gun model, something that I am sure will delight military history buffs.

There is going to be ambient music from the videogame and, at a later stage, cabin crew will also sport some elements in their uniforms that will be inspired by World of Tanks.

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