Flight Report: TAP A330 Business Class (Part II)

TAP business class cabin.JPG

While I published my flight report of TAP's A330 business class experience lst July, the flight in question, Lisbon-Toronto, was far from ordinary. It was a "retrojet" with all the trappings of a special occasion.

The cabin interior was also a bit peculiar, different from the rest of TAP's A330 fleet, since it still kept the same seats as when it was in service with its former operator, Singapore Airlines.

As I flew back to Europe was on another A330 with the "normal" TAP cabin interior, I thought I would complete my flight report of TAP's business class with some pictures of the return flight.

TAP business class seats.JPG

Although the light brown leather seats on the ex-SIA flight were quite comfortable, they had a somehow older look, which did not look out of place during the retro experience.

TAP's regular A330 business class cabin has a much more modern feel, though. With a dark blue colour that is gives it an aspect of sobriety, if a bit cold.

The in-flight entertainment system has a decent amount of movies, series and other content. we got also a pretty good earphone set to enjoy it.

It was a night flight anyway, so most of it was spent sleeping in the comfort of the full-flat seat.

TAP biz class a330.JPG
Seat pitch is taken for granted in business class, but, still...

Seat pitch is taken for granted in business class, but, still...

TAP business inflight food.jpg

The general quietness of the cabin was only interrupted to serve dinner shortly after take-off. (the flight departed Toronto at midnight, so most passengers just finished the meal quickly for a good night's sleep). We did not have a Michelin-starred chef supervising the inflight food this time, but I must say the service was equally excellent and the food also delicious. 

TAP inflight meal business.jpg

We are woken up a few hours later, already with the European coastline in our sights, for a yummy breakfast of croissants and fruit.

TAP business class breakfast.JPG

For a more detailed review of the TAP business class experience, including the lounge at Lisbon airport, I suggest checking my more extensive flight review.

And to see how I continued the flight from Lisbon onwards, you can also find a flight report for TAP's narrow body business class product (A319 and A320) here.