Two Great Examples of Content Marketing for Airlines

world of swiss cs100

Content is a powerful tool in any marketeer's arsenal. 

And what a better source of content than travel? If there is an industry that is prone to story-telling, this is aviation...

Throw in some video and you get some really interesting content marketing initiatives, the work of two well-known airlines: Swiss and Etihad.

Let's start with World of Swiss, a rather interesting series of videos, mini-documentaries in fact, about different aspects of the airline's operations, its fleet and its services.

The videos give you an insider perspective of the airline and contain some rather stunning high quality footage. Very nice!

Etihad's approach to story-telling is a bit more indirect.

The flag carrier of Abu Dhabi has opted instead to partner with Manchester City (the English football club it already sponsors) to produce the City2City series of football-related stories from around the World. An equally fine piece of work.

Even if you are not that much into football, it makes for rather interesting content, if only to see how passion for this sport is lived in different parts of the World.