Easyjet picks up startups

Easyjet was once a startup too

Easyjet was once a startup too

It has become trendy for airlines to launch their own startup incubators, as they find out it may be a cheaper way to innovate than to do everything in house or purchase it later.

El Al and JetBlue Navigator Programme, IAG with Hangar51, Emirates and Easyjet, in partnership with Founders Factory, have all launched their own startup incubator programme.

Navigator announced its picks a few weeks ago and now has been the turn of Easyjet and Founders Factory.

And the Two Winners Are...

The two chosen projects have been FLIO and LuckyTrip.

FLIO is an app that provides comprehensive information about airports around the World. Its aimed at frequent travelers for whom FLIO wants to become an essential companion, helping them make the most of the time spend at airports.

This is an area that does not lack competition, from travel apps such as App in the Air (that used to have a spin-off called Airport Guru, that never did achieve the same popularity as the original app) to the airport operator apps (although my impression is that few people make a regular use of airport operator apps, aside from, perhaps the app of their own home airport), but I am looking forward to test new ideas in this field. 

The connection between Easyet and an airport app is an interesting one, though. As airports join the ancillaries party, I wonder what additional e-commerce and mobile opportunities this opens up for Easyjet in its quest to monetize its passengers throughout their trips.

LuckyTrip, in turn, is a bet on the millennial market (becoming a trend).

It focuses on the inspiration stage and You set your travel budget, tap the button on your smartphone and get an offer: a flight, a place to stay, something to do...you are set to go!